David Ren Jenkins - Trade Shows on Steroids

David Ren Jenkins is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and authority on trade shows.

TIME Magazine said he has an ‘uncanny ability’ to relay company messaging and that he was one of the top 6 smart ways of gathering attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (out of 3,600 booths! (exclamation point)) EXHIBITOR magazine quotes him as an ‘industry expert’, and his (take out the ‘is’ here) trade show training (TRADE SHOWS ON STEROIDS: THE TRAINING) received critical acclaim in the trade show industry as it was chosen as a New Product Showcase Finalist at EXHIBITORLIVE. In addition, he has been a Franklin Covey top speakers bureau speaker (on the same web page with Stephen R. Covey) as an expert trainer on face-to-face marketing.

His trade show clients read like a Who’s Who of the Fortune 100 and 500—with clients in almost every major market and he has trained thousands of exhibit staff, including those of Epson, Fujitsu, Olympus, Mobil Oil, and Hewlett-Packard. He has consulted on and even designed many of their lead generation and follow-up systems, and has represented them on the trade show floor, bringing hundreds of thousands of extra attendees to their booths. Each of these companies has gratefully acknowledged substantial increases in revenue—many times being millions of dollars off of a single trade show due to David’s involvement with their teams!

He has represented everything from multimillion dollar PBX systems and other telecommunications equipment, to medical and dental devices, abstract technologies and internal computer and video chip de-interlacing algorithms, dental consulting services and other consulting services, law enforcement video equipment, viscous liquids, chemicals, petroleum distillates, cleaning agents, myriads of software offerings in many different markets, heating and air-conditioning louvers, gymnastics equipment, air measuring and controlling devices, energy recovery wheels, air doors, fire and smoke dampers, hand scanning and inventory solutions for large warehouses, cute and comfortable pet collars in the pet industry, banking solutions, multiple home automation systems, innovative children’s toys, music and iPod related products, industrial pumps, food service items and industrial restaurant kitchen equipment, ski wax, internet service providers, prison communications systems, hydraulic accumulators and filters, large uninterruptible power supplies, large bearings for nuclear and hydroelectric power plants and assembly lines, industrial freezers, custom (celebrity type) paint jobs for cars, hundreds of computers, computer products, printers and other peripherals, light pens, log beds, national franchise offerings, specialized shipping services for vertical markets, intelligent data mining, as well as actual mining drill bits, oil rigs and sensing devices, digital cameras, websites for auto dealers, internet advertising to dentists, optometrists, doctors, ophthalmologists, as well as ophthalmic lasers, refractive systems, specular microscopes and other ophthalmic diagnostic products, advanced mopping systems and carts for the janitorial industry, staging, seating risers, orchestra pits, orchestra shells, and even ATMs to name a few.

As a professional magician, David also tied for third in the world at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Global Championships in Dallas Texas, where he tied against two world champions. (The IBM is the largest magic organization in the world.) He has performed for celebrities like Lawrence Taylor, Sinbad, Emanuel Lewis, Larry Holmes, and many others, as well as opened for acts like Eddie Money in Vegas.

While his magic performances take him all over the world, his first love and one of his greatest talents is using magic to attract the attention of interested buyers, and to teach and highlight product benefits at trade shows bringing companies many times the qualified leads and business they would otherwise get.

He is also a very accomplished motivational speaker and coach, the author of The Millionaire Coach, and The Six Million Dollar Coach. He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on overcoming fear and replacing it with kindness in face-to-face situations. He trains sales forces, does sales meetings, and coaches CEOs and executives around the world.

He is the father of 8 children including a 7-year-old girl named Jade, a 4-year-old boy named Ethan, and a 3-year-old girl named Abigail.  He also has five grandchildren.